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What We Do

The AVHC is working to preserve several of the original Soldiers Home buildings – the 1871 Headquarters Building, where the model of management used by all National Soldiers Homes originated, the wonderfully crafted Patient Library Building which dates to 1880, the 1881 Veterans Clubhouse, and the 1870 Protestant Chapel. Additionally, we are advocating for the restoration of the floral gardens and springs in the Grotto area.

The AVHC advocates for the buildings to serve their original purposes when possible, especially the Home Chapel . Our goal is to preserve the buildings for use as a national veteran’s museum, educational centers, and conference facilities. We successfully completed much-needed repairs to the Chapel floor, and recent VA-funded restoration has allowed the Chapel to be reopened as a house of worship. We are currently in the process of having the original organ restored to service.

The dedication and enthusiastic support of our community and the strong support of veterans nationwide proves the importance of this noble project. Therefore the AVHC has accepted the mission to preserve the best of our past…by improving the present…to create a better future. Together, with your donations and support, we will realize this vision to honor our nation’s veterans.