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Grotto Gardens

Reserve the Grotto Gardens for an Event

The Grotto Gardens can be reserved for your private event, such as a wedding, picnic, or a reception.  This includes reservation of the new picnic pavilion. These requests are handled by staff at the Dayton VA.  You can use the form below to submit a reservation request or to receive more information on hosting an event. 

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You must agree to the following rules in order to hold your event at the Grotto Gardens
Dayton VA Medical Center Grotto Gardens Usage Information The Grotto and surrounding gardens were developed by resident Civil War veterans in the area surrounding a limestone quarry. The twin towers are the centerpiece of the Grotto There is no charge for usage of the grotto; however, donations to the American Veterans Heritage Center (AVHC) are welcome to continue to support the maintenance and beauty of the Grotto Gardens. To donate for Grotto usage, please visit Below is a list of additional guidelines that must be followed in order to utilize the grotto area: • No feeding the ducks, geese, etc. • No swimming • No fishing • No climbing the gateway entrance • No fires (Candles) • No smoking • No alcohol • Do not pick or cut flowers or other vegetation • No digging • Replacement of grass or dirt if tent is installed. • Cleanup necessary of all things, waste, etc. • No photos of Veteran patients • Any tents will need to be coordinated with Engineering prior to driving stakes into the ground • Only 110v power is available • Nothing (benches, boulders, signs, etc..) will be moved • Only available bathrooms are two unisex bathrooms near the front entrance – Any additional portable toilet locations to be pre-determined (most likely near small parking area near entrance road) • No parking or driving on grass • No bike riding, rollerblading, skate boarding, or ball playing • No decorations may be attached to any walls pillars or other structures within the buildings • Any public address or other amplified sound system equipment used must not be of a volume to interfere with the general public’s enjoyment of the facilities or grounds and must not create a nuisance to adjacent buildings All groups or individuals are subject to approval and adherence to Grotto Garden Usage Agreement to include Revocable License and liability insurance. To start the process, please fill out the Grotto Usage Application Form.