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Veterans Presentation Corps

Welcome to the American Veterans Heritage Center Veterans Presentation Corps.  The purpose of the AVHC Presentation Corps is to provide speakers on a wide variety of military focused issues, historical events, and different aspects of military life as seen through the eyes and experiences of military Veterans and their families.  Speakers are available to come speak to youth groups such as scouts, schools, faith-based organizations, and athletic groups.  Members are also available to speak to adult groups such as service clubs like Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Faith-based organizations, colleges & universities.

The speakers below are listed alphabetically.  In addition to their names and their branch of service and rank, each speaker has indicated topics they have personally experienced or have a connection throughout their military or family background during their military affiliation.

Name, Military Branch/Rank, Topics

Cassie Barlow, USAF/Colonel  - Leadership stories; Miami Valley Military Affairs Association; Veteran involvement in communities; Veteran  employment opportunities

Mark Conrad, USAF/MSgt  - History of the Dayton Soldiers' Home, (VA), World War II including the Holocaust, other wars

Dan Kirkpatrick, USAF/SSgt-Colonel   - Operation Iraqi Freedom in Kuwait, Jan-Jun 2003; healthcare and supply ethical issues; mentoring junior personnel

Cindy LaPointe-Dafler, War Widow  - Experience of a Gold Star Wife, story of her late husband, and traveling to Vietnam

Art Myers, USAF/Lt Col  - Evacuation of wounded in Vietnam

Karen Nagafuchi, USAFR/Colonel  - USAFR Command Psychological Health Advocacy; flight nursing - aeromedical evacuation; USAFR aeromedical staging  and transport - field nursing; women in command; USAFR medical squadrons

Matt Owen, USN/Petty Officer  - Serving at sea/ship life at sea/ Navy missile systems/combat readiness at sea/marketing

Fred Pumroy, USAF/Lt Col   - Forward Air Controller in OV-10 over Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam; Flying the Commander in Chief in PACAF; forward Operating Commander for the Iranian Hostage Raid

Roger Sloan, USAF/CMSgt   - Role of the Command Chief Master Sergeant

Kathy Staiger, USAF   - USAFA graduate; USAF C-141 pilot


Donations are gratefully accepted.

For information about requesting a speaker come to your organization or group, please fill out our contact form; email, or call 937-267-7628