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Education Program:

"The purpose of the AVHC Education Committee is to provide a variety of education programs and opportunities for all citizens to learn about the many and varied contributions of our U.S. Military Veterans."

Our vision is to provide world-class education resources in support of the American Veterans Heritage Center Mission and Vision.  The AVHC Education Committee honors the history of Veterans through inspirational education of citizens of all ages regarding the achievements and service of Veterans.

Objective 1 - provide educational opportunities for students and schools

  1. Produce and deploy educational videos
  2. Provide educational reading materials
  3. Produce experiential learning kits and scripts for schools (i.e., footlocker program)
  4. Provide speakers to schools

Objective 2 - provide educational opportunities for adults

  1. Produce and deploy educational videos
  2. Provide education on the AVHC (i.e., footlocker program)
  3. Provide speakers to clubs and organizations (i.e., Rotary, Lions, ROTC, faith based)

Objective 3 – Develop and provide multimedia tools as a subset of the AVHC website that has materials for students, schools and adults

Objective 4 - Build partnerships with other organizations to achieve the mission

Our door is always open.

For information about having a speaker come to your organization or group, please fill out our contact form, email, or phone 937-267-7628.

Check out our list of books, videos, movies and documentaries! 

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