A new book published by American Veterans Heritage Center, called The Mother Home: A History of the Dayton Soldiers’ Home in 3-D, tells the story of the Central Branch. An unusual feature of the book is the extensive use of over 150 stereoviews as illustrations. When viewed through a set of glasses, included with the book, the stereoscopic view brings out an astonishing amount of depth and clarity, allowing the reader to feel as though he or she have stepped back in time. With the author, Curt Dalton, acting as tour guide, you are instantly returned to the Dayton VA Campus as it was in the last third of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth.

The Central Brach was a unique campus, a city within itself, with thousands of residents, its own hospital, churches, hotel, zoo and menagerie, with an aviary, monkey house, deer, alligators, antelopes and the like, in addition to a full complement of livestock and a nationally famous grotto, the scenic centerpiece of the facility. These unique features made the Central Branch, at the turn of the twentieth century, the largest tourist attraction west of the Alleghenies, a venue for picnics, parties and family gatherings for not only Daytonians, but for travelers from far and wide.
Proceeds from the sale of The Mother Home will go to American Veterans Heritage Center, a non-profit organization, whose mission includes restoring the Dayton VA Campus to its former grandeur, as well as highlighting the invaluable contributions of our veterans and the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice inspired by their service.

  • 134 pages, with over 220 black & white and color illustrations
  • Publisher: American Veterans Heritage Center, Inc.
  • Printed by: Standard Register Print on Demand
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 8.25 x 10.75 inches

The author, Curt Dalton will be at the German Festival on August 10, 11 and, 12 at Carillon Park for a book signing. Come meet the author of this exceptional book on the history of the Dayton Soldiers Home.

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