Susan Pearson

April 10, 1954- December 24, 2017


Below is an excerpt from the most recent Newsletter from the Montgomery County Master Gardeners- a loving tribute to Susan Pearson

Afternoon all.  I have some sad news.  One of the original Grotto Garden Volunteers, Susan Pearson, passed away in December.  Those of you who are Master Gardeners are aware of her death through that organization.  Many of you may have heard her name or perhaps had not known her at all.  But you all felt her love of the Grotto.  In her last years she worked behind the scenes in a big way.

Susan Pearson became a Master Gardener in Montgomery County in 2005 and served as president for four years.  After retiring from UD, she worked at Knollwood Garden Center in Beavercreek for nearly 17 years.  She was one of the original volunteers in the Grotto restoration adopting the Boathouse gardens as “her” garden.  She also assisted with the research of our plant and tree selections and sourced them as well.  You see her design work every year in all of our large pots.  Susan would diagram the pots, order the plants, deliver them and organize them for us to pot them up.  Boy we appreciated that!

But what most of you didn’t realize is that Susan maintained our Facebook page and our website:  Only after her death did we discover that Julie Bolton, cousin to Susan’s husband David Wayne Pearson, donated the site, paid its annual hosting costs and placed our material on the site – for no charge.  It was the love of her friend and family member, Susan, that brought out this generosity. Julie has agreed to continue maintaining the site until we transition to Grotto Volunteer ownership.

Susan organized our guided tours and presentations.  She made sure every tour had a guide and every guide knew about the group coming out.  She kept the stats on all of the people that visited every year.  Susan was a great presenter herself and she had a wicked sense of humor!

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