15th Annual Patriot Freedom Festival

May 25-26, 2019  9 am – 6 pm. FREE ADMISSION. FREE PARKING.

Dayton VA Medical Center Campus.

The 15th Annual Patriot Freedom Festival will be held on the campus of the Dayton VA Medical Center this year on May 25-26. The Festival offers a family-friendly weekend event on Memorial Day weekend and it is open to the public with free admission and free parking!  The Festival features historical reenactments, children’s activities and food vendors.  

Historical Societies, Living Historians and Reenactors

  • 101st Airborne Division WWII Reenacting Assoc.
  • 27th Infantry Regiment Wolf Hounds
  • 32nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry
  • 5th Fifth Ohio Light Artillery
  • Carolyn Burns – Genealogist
  • Combat Outpost Robinson, Inc.
  • Company C, 48th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • Darrell Dalton Historical Reenactments
  • Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Jonathan Dayton Chapter,
  • The Dayton Doughboy, Jeremy W. Bowles
  • The Dayton National Cemetery Honor Squad
  • Firebase TEXAS Vietnam War Living History
  • Frye, Jon WWI Historian
  • G Co. 3/505th PIR (Pathfinder), 82nd Airborne Division
  • Keeping the History Alive
  • Larry Galaske 1954 M37
  • League of WWI Aviation Historians
  • Lincoln Abe – James Crabtree
  • The Lincoln Society of Dayton
  • Miami Valley Chapter 97 Vietnam Veterans of America
  • The Ohio Motor Pool
  • The Ohio Valley Civil War Association (OVCWA), OIE/OIF display (Brent Melton)
  • Patriot Pinup Dayton
  • POW/MIA truck (Angela Gilliand)
  • Sister Anthony O’Connell Aux #10 Aux to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
  • Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, (SUVCW) William T. Sherman Camp No. 93
  • Stonewall Jackson (Joe Owens)
  • Veteran Threads Non-profit
  • War at Home from Dayton Ohio, 1939-1945, The
  • Wayne Coulter, Third Army Living Historians Group
  • Other Attractions/Organizations
  • Barber Steve Adams Free Haircuts for Veterans
  • Dayton VA Medical Center Outreach
  • Miami Valley Chapter 97 Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Miami Valley Military History Museum
  • Patriot Pinup Dayton
  • Tony Waterfall’s Portable Disc Golf


Other Activities/Attractions

  • Barber, Steven Adams – free haircuts for veterans.
  • Saturday 4 pm Memorial service
  • Bus tours of the historic campus
  • Carolyn Burns Genealogist
  • Children’s Military Learning Experience with ” Tent Talks” by historical figures.
  • Children’s planting in the Grotto Gardens
  • Tony Waterfall’s  disc golf.
  • Ceremonies honoring our Veterans.



Each period reenactment group explains and teaches how our Veterans lived during their war-time, what they used, where they served. In addition, we have “Tent Talks.” Historical figures such as Abraham & Mary Lincoln, WWII Doughboy, Teddy Roosevelt will speak. One of our most popular activities is the (air-conditioned) Bus Tours of the historic Campus, given by our expert doecnt, Margaret Kruckemeyer, who dresses as a WWII Nurse. Be sure to visit the Miami Valley History Museum and tour the historic Grotto Gardens.

Download flyer (PDF) – 2019 Patriot Freedom Festival Flyer
Complete driving guide to Dayton VAMC campus – Download PDF

101st Airborne WWII Reenacting Association

The mission of the 101st Airborne WWII Reenacting Association is to accurately portray the average combat soldier of WWII in tactical exercises with other member units and in living history events around the country. They provide a means of getting people with an interest in WWII history together to experience, to a small degree, the life of the combat soldier in WWII. The Association maintains the highest standards in safety and authenticity. Learn more on their Facebook page. 

Veterans History Project

The American Veterans Heritage Center is a Founding Partner of the Veterans History Project. The Veterans History Project of the American Folklife Center collects, preserves, and makes accessible, the personal accounts of American war veterans so that future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the realities of war. If you would like to tell your story, sign up at the American Veterans Heritage Center in Building 120 to set up a date, time, and location.

5th Ohio Light Artillery

The Fifth Ohio Light Artillery LTD is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on Civil War history; they re-enact an actual artillery unit raised from Southern Ohio during the Civil War.
Its current members are based out of the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas in Ohio and re-enact in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. They also take part in school and museum programs. They are a family-oriented unit that welcomes men and women in performing military as well as civilian impressions. Children under the age of sixteen cannot perform military activities but are welcome as civilians. Visit them at their campsite behind the historic Protestant Chapel and get an education on Civil War artillery. Learn more on their Facebook page.  

The Ohio Motor Pool

Many of the military vehicles on display are courtesy of the Ohio Motor Pool. The Ohio Motorpool is a Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) Affiliate organization open to any and all interested in the collection, restoration and preservation of historic military vehicles of all years. The MVPA has a wide range of members with collections including bicycles to jeeps, armored cars to tanks, from the days of the Cavalry to WWII to Operation Desert Storm. Enjoy the camaraderie of 9000 members worldwide that are preserving and restoring or just have an interest in military vehicles. Visit their website at ohiomotorpool.com or mvpa.org to learn more!

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Jonathan Dayton Chapter

The Daughters of the American Revolution, founded in 1890, is a volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to keeping America strong by promoting patriotism, preserving U.S. history, and supporting education programs. The Jonathan Dayton Chapter was organized 8 February 1896 and chartered 8 April, 1896, and is named for Jonathan Dayton, the youngest person to sign the U.S. Constitution. Learn more on their Facebook page.  

Wayne Coulter, Third Army Historical Society

Wayne Coulter returns again with his vast display of World War II US Army weapons and equipment to the Patriot Freedom Festival. Wayne says “The collecting aside, the teaching of the history is what drives me to do this…the collection is just the training aids to help make it easier.” Wayne is a 28-year US Army Veteran and Retiree. He saw service in Panama (1989), Kuwait (1992-1993), Bosnia (2000), Saudi Arabia (2001-2002) and Iraq (2003-2004). He also has overseas tours to Korea and Germany. After retiring he got involved in WWII reenacting as a way of honoring his father who was a WWII veteran and is currently a member of Patton’s 3rd Army Living Historians, a group out of Texas who recreates Patton’s 3rd Army Field Headquarters. Stop by and let Wayne show you some scarce artifacts.

Lincoln Society of Dayton

The Lincoln Society of Dayton was founded in 2003 to commemorate the speech Abraham Lincoln gave at the Old Court House on September 17, 1859. He was a young Lincoln at 50 years old, not even a candidate for the presidency, but rather hot on the trail of Stephen Douglas to combat against the expansion of slavery.
Our goal is to inspire schoolchildren and adults to follow Lincoln’s example of compassion, patriotism, equality and justice for all. Please visit our website for more information www.lincolnsocietydayton.com Regina Payne, President.

League of WWI Aviation Historians

The Ohio Region’s Military Heritage Chapter of the League of WWI Aviation Historians will have a display of vintage WWI artifacts and be available to answer questions related to WWI military aviation. The League is an international group of authors and amateur/professional historians committed to research and preserving the history of early military aviation. The years 2014-2018 commemorate the centennial of the Great War so it’s appropriate to focus on that aviation era. Chapter members will be available to answer questions, provide information about League membership, display a number of WWI artifacts, and have items such as League shirts/caps available for purchase. Additional information about the League can be found on the League’s website. www.overthefront.com

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) William T. Sherman
Camp No. 93

Major General William T. Sherman Camp #93, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil perpetuates the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). Their living history displays and public presentations share information concerning the life and efforts of the Union Army soldiers who preserved the nation during the American Civil War 1861-65. Following the war, the GAR led national efforts to recognize and support veterans and their families. Sherman Camp members are lineal descendants of Union Army veterans. Their Patriot Freedom Festival displays include artifacts and information concerning the Civil War and the soldiers who fought it.

The Dayton Doughboy

“The Dayton Doughboy (Jeremy W. Bowles) represents K. Company, 148th Infantry Regiment, of the 37th (Buckeye) Division, Ohio Nation Guard in the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) from WWI. K. Company was a highly decorated unit, composed of men from Dayton, Ohio, and saw extensive combat action in the summer and fall of 1918. They were involved in such battles in France as The St. Mihiel Campaign (Reserves), The Muse-Argonne, and in Belgium during the Lys-Ypres Campaign, where they liberated most of the occupied Belgium territory from the Germans and restored King Albert I to his thrown.
The Dayton Doughboy will be presenting various effects of an American WWI soldier, to include weapons, uniforms, equipment, and personal items that a typical Doughboy of the AEF would use on a daily basis. In addition, he will have a display of various (reproduction) gas masks used by the belligerent Nations of The Great War, illustrating a chronological time-line of the use of Poisonous Gas in the war, and the counter measures taken against it.
Jeremy is a well versed in the history of The Great War, and is currently the Chief WWI Historian for The Veterans Memorial Museum Foundation in Germantown, Ohio. He has been a WWI Re-enactor/Living Historian for the past five years, and is a member of The Great War Association, a re-enactment organization based in Newville, PA. Jeremy has done various WWI presentations, lectures, and events for such organizations as: The Cornelia Cole Fairbanks Chapter of The Daughters of The American Revolutionary War, The T-County History Patriots at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum, The Clark County Historical Society in Springfield, OH, The Patriot Fair & Heritage Festival in Mason, OH, and The National Museum of The United States Air Force. Most recently, Jeremy has worked with The National World War One Centennial Commission, portraying a Doughboy at last year’s national American Legion convention in Cincinnati, OH. Jeremy is a student of history at The Ohio State University and Sinclair Community College.

PFF Starts Saturday

The 15th Annual Patriot Freedom Festival is Saturday and Sunday at the Dayton VA. There's so much to see and do, including all of these historical reenactors, historic societies and living historians. 101st Airborne Division WWII Reenacting Assoc. 27th Infantry...

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Another Reason to Come to the PFF

Another reason to come to the 15th Annual Patriot Freedom Festival May 25-26 is the Ohio Motor Pool. Many of the military vehicles on display at the PFF are courtesy of the Ohio Motor Pool. The Ohio Motorpool is a Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA)...

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Patriot Freedom Festival

15th annual Patriot Freedom Festival. May 25-26, 9am-6 pm. FREE admission and parking. Our theme this year is “Honoring Our Military Heritage.” We will have dozens of historical reenactors bringing to life past eras of American history. Food trucks. Kids activities.

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